About us

We are two schools from Maribor, Slovenia, and from Hamburg Rissen, Germany. 
With Erasmus+ we started a project in order to build a solar powered irrigation system.
Our group consists of 16 German students and 14 Slovenian students between the age of 15 and 18 - but see for yourself!


Amelie, Merle & Mia 

Ben, Merlin, Chris, Ben & Pascal

Ben, Amelie, Lobsang & Lino

Khairy & Ben 

Fabian, Pascal, Merle, Mia & Olli 

Herr Grot, Frau Deecken, Lino, Amelie & Olli

Patrik and Dominic 

Philine and Klara 

Hendrik and Lili 

Moica and Marie 

Jakob and Tadej

Minea and Maya 

Julia and Katarina 

Nastja and Jette 

Alen and Clemens 

Biljana and Amelie 

Semira, Annika, Ivan and Deliah 

Malin and Urska 

Timi and Paul 

Bo and Garbrijela